Look Fierce and Feminine in Boutique Animal Print Clothing For Ladies

a dark-haired model wearing an animal print jacket in the desert

Need a bold look for this season? Animal print clothing for ladies makes for a great statement piece, which can be dressed up or down for a casual chic or vibrant glam appeal. Of course, bold fashion is a tightrope, and animal prints are a delicate balance: embrace your wild side while avoiding looking like you're an understudy for The Lion King. The Willow Tree Boutique has, like fortune, always favored the bold — and we’re fortunate to have over a decade of curating incredible brands to bring you the very best in women’s animal print clothing. That means you can feel free to go wild while still rocking a sophisticated look. Follow that primal urge to show out and maybe howl a little in celebration, and find great gems like animal print sweaters, women's animal print tops, and more. Find prints to evoke all your dangerously flirty, sharply elegant, animal mystique — and wear them well with our easy guide!

Bold And Balanced

While you might be hungry for a fierce print, you don’t want to go crazy. Balance is your friend, and as a general rule, you’ll always want to pair your ladies’ animal print clothing with solid colors. A solid will offset any appearance of an over-the-top wildness, while simultaneously highlighting your fabulous print. You’ll also want to avoid other patterns; a lion in paisley might be a fun image for a children’s book, but not a night out. Dark-colored boutique jeans are great with lighter leopard prints, and a giraffe print can complete a modern ombre silhouette with a great khaki or olive.

Accessorize, Within Reason

Sleek and chic looks with a pop of print are always elegant, but over-accessorize and you’re getting into fortune-teller vibe territory. Animal print clothing for ladies is best served by minimalism — so be sure to find an anchoring statement piece like a bangle bracelet or necklace. Sheen, cut, opacity, and the actual dimensions of the print will do much of the work for you — and definitely draw the eye — so you must pair the accessory with all of the print factors, not just color.

Remember to pair length with length (as in, extra-long necklaces and rope chains with sheer fabrics that fall mid-thigh), and bangles with darker layers to brighten up the look. Of course, minimal doesn’t mean safe: don’t be afraid to find a bold accessory (and hairstyle), and let them hear you roar!

Highlight Your Favorite Features

Unless you frequent the Serengeti, animal prints naturally draw the eye. That’s great news for you because it means you’ll highlight your fave features — and maybe take some attention from your not-so-flaunty areas. Be sure the print of any variation of your ladies’ animal print clothing is featured in a cut that complements your unique body type and highlights your best areas. If you stick to the animal-plus-solid rules, you can find a slimming look that is bold and adventurous: a chunky women's animal print sweater with a slim fit jean is a classic look, but the combinations are endless!

Ready to go wild? Find awesome animal prints from brands you’ll adore at The Willow Tree Boutique!