Introducing Our New Men’s Collection!

A shaving brush and blade

This one's for you, men. We’re thrilled to introduce our new men’s collection of accessories and personal care products, perfect for the guy in your life who likes to look cool, handsome, and stylish. Our collection has everything, ranging from men’s body care products to sustainable Yeti mugs, so you’re covered when it comes to finding exactly what they need.

Easy To Use

Let’s face it — a lot of guys use those three-in-one body washes, shampoos, and conditioners when they’re showering. It’s painful to think about, but we can also empathize. Most people in general crave simple body care routines because they can’t be bothered, or they don’t really care.

We can work with that! Our men’s collection is easy to use and specifically chosen because they’re high quality and smell amazing. We offer a couple of men’s body care products that are similar to the all-in-one products you know and love but are better than your regular old drugstore brands. 

Our 2-in-1 hair wash by Duke Cannon is perfect for anyone with a thick, healthy head of hair, and our Supreme Buffer does it all. It’s infused with moisture-boosting cocoa butter that will massage and nourish the skin. What a game-changer for the entire showering experience!

Men’s Unique Skin Needs

Men’s skin is actually different and thicker than women’s skin due to the presence of hair follicles. This means the way men’s body products are made can vary significantly, so keep that in mind the next time you reach for your partner’s products.

We know maintaining a beard takes work, which is why we’ve selected products for our men’s collection specifically for keeping them moisturized and healthy. The Best Damn Beard Oil is, well, the best damn beard oil out there! Made with wholesome ingredients by Duke Cannon, this oil will make your beard look composed, not unruly.

Specialty Items For Men

If you’re a guy who’s always on the go, you need our Handsome Man Travel Kit from our men’s collection for your next trip. It contains TSA-friendly sizes of the high-quality Duke Cannon soaps and products you will end up loving.

However, if you’re more of a salt-of-the-earth guy who prefers the basic bar of soap over the ‘fancier’ things, we’ve got you covered too. Give the Duke Cannon beer soaps a try, and you will not be disappointed. With just a hint of beer in each military-style bar of soap, we promise, you’ll smell like fresh cedarwood, not booze.

Tell The World You Care

Using quality products is an important component of your self-care routine. Make sure you’re putting the best version of yourself out there by shopping our men’s collection of high-quality body care products and more. Upgrading your routine will tell the world that you're a cool and confident, fresh-smelling guy — and who isn’t drawn to that? Shop our men’s collection today.