How To Style A Hat

Are you wondering how to style a hat? Don’t worry! At The Willow Tree Boutique, we’re up on all the ladies’ hat styles. Follow our guide so you know how to style a hat. Get ready to look great with us!

  1. Recognize Natural Complements To Hat Style
  2. Consider Outfit Colors
  3. Factor In Your Hairstyle
  4. Coordinate From Head to Toe

1. Recognize Natural Complements To Hat Style

A woman wearing a pink shirt and a bucket hat

It goes without saying that not all hats are created equal. Sometimes you need a distressed baseball cap to shade your face and show your spirit for the big game. Other times, you’re looking for a glam statement like this bucket hat. You’re not going to style those hats in the same way, so the first step in styling a hat is to recognize that there are natural complements to each ladies’ hat style.

For example, baseball caps, especially with the team’s logo or initial, will look great with other casual game day gear, but would look out of place with a cocktail dress and confetti heels. You can intuitively recognize the natural fits with your hat style and go from there.

2. Consider Outfit Colors

A woman wearing a red top, jeans, and a hat

Once you’ve figured out the natural complements, the next step in how to style a hat is considering outfit colors. Just like any other element of an outfit, a hat can coordinate or clash with the colors of the rest of the outfit depending on its shade. At The Willow Tree Boutique, we offer bold hats in classic neutral tones so you never have to worry about clashing. Going with all solid colors, as pictured below, is a great option for a simple, stunning style. 

3.Factor In Your Hairstyle

A girl wearing a hat with her hair in a loose ponytail

Especially with a big hat like our rancher hats, that piece is going to be the focal point of your look. And that means that everyone’s going to be looking at your head… and your hair. So the right hairstyle can make all the difference in styling your hat. 

For example, a messy ponytail with soft beachy waves, like Morgan’s effortless style pictured above, can be just the thing if you’re considering how to style a hat with a natural feel. Or, tighter curls might dress up the look of a hat if you’re wearing one as a statement style piece for family or graduation pictures. Matching your hairstyle with the look you want is more important than ever when you’re wearing a hat — no one wants hat hair they didn’t plan!

4. Coordinate From Head to Toe

A woman wearing a printed dress, bangles, and a hat

Yes, we’re talking about how to style a hat, but it still matters what shoes you’re wearing. For the full effect, you’ll want to coordinate from head to toe. Statement sandals could be too much if paired with a large hat, especially if they both have a distinct and different color tone to them, but two big neutral pieces could pair nicely. Your hat is always going to make a statement, so make sure that your whole outfit, including shoes, aligns with that.

If you’re looking into ladies’ hat styles, you’re probably also into other kinds of accessories. Every piece of your outfit is important to your style, including each of your accessories, no matter how small they are. And that’s just as true of the pieces you wear every day. Make sure that you like the way each element of your look works together, and you’ll love the way your hat looks with whatever you choose to wear it with. You got this, girl!