Easy, Breezy Skirt Styles We Love

What girl doesn’t love a cute little skirt? Skirts add a little extra something to any outfit. It shows the world you have fun styling your outfits, without saying a word. And a nice skirt can convey so much more than just “cute”. Depending on the style, color, and fit, they can totally change the mood of any outfit!

Let's talk about three unique skirt styles we are loving here at The Willow Tree. We’re sure these can step up anyone’s skirt fashion game.

a woman wearing a white tennis skort with a graphic tee

1. Tennis

Inspired by tennis uniforms, tennis-style skirts take the cake for being adorable times infinity! What’s great is, you don’t actually have to play the sport to wear one! This style of skirts is super versatile, thanks to its simple silhouette. Depending on how you style it, a tennis skirt can be edgy, flirty, preppy, sporty, grunge, emo, or pretty much any other aesthetic you want.

You can style a tennis skirt with a pair of cute sunnies, graphic tees, oversized tops, sweater vests, businesslike blazers, and so much more. You’ll never run out of styling options with this trendy piece in your wardrobe!


a woman wearing a sparkly rhinestone pleated skirt

2. Pleated

When it comes to classy and sophisticated skirt styles, the pleated skirt takes the crown. This type of skirt comes in various lengths and pleat sizes. The look of the skirt can change depending on the size of the pleats. To make sure that the pleats do not fall out when washed, these skirts are often made of synthetic fabrics and permanently pressed. The pleats sit flush against your body and flatter any body shape.

You can style this skirt with a pair of boots and a formal blouse for an office look or with some flats and a graphic tee for a more casual look. The pleated skirt is the perfect option for the woman on the go. This style transitions effortlessly from a busy day at work to a fun night out.


Woman wearing a pink plaid midi skirt

3. Midi

Women of all ages, shapes, and body types crave a nice midi skirt. It simply looks good on everybody! What's not to love? The length is perfect—hitting right between the knee and calf. The style is super flattering, helping your waist to appear slimmer while enhancing your natural curves. This feminine look gives a sweet and simple aura to any outfit.

The evergreen midi skirt style has grabbed hold of our hearts and refused to let go. If this pink plaid style rocks your boat, shop the look now!


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