Love the leather look, but not the cost or creation process of real leather? The Willow Tree Boutique is here with a solution! Our women’s faux leather selection offers you clothing that looks just like real leather, but it’s made from non-animal, human-crafted materials. Browse our ladies’ leather outfits to find the perfect styles for your wardrobe!

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Contemporary Women’s Faux Leather Clothing

Some of our favorite women’s faux leather pieces are bottoms! Whether it’s leggings or pants, we love mixing and matching this sleek material with something that’s totally opposite. From fuzzy knit sweaters to chic velvet blouses, make every look even more interesting when you blend contrasting fabrics into one outfit with leather bottoms.

Looking for other ways to wear ladies’ leather outfits? There’s no better pairing for leather than Western wear! Shop the Western Collection to find chic pieces that will complete your leather look. You might also want to stop by our accessories collection to discover faux leather bags, wallets, and clutches that will enhance your style to the max.

Style to Fit Your Life

Whether you’re all about full leather looks or shopping our store for the newest styles in the fashion world, The Willow Tree Boutique can help you find ensembles that fit your lifestyle.

From busy moms and boss girls in the corporate world to the women who do it all, there’s something for everyone in our collections. Shop women’s faux leather, athleisure, workwear, and so much more when you visit our store!