10 Spring Shoe Trends and How to Wear Them

An assortment of women’s shoes

With winter coming to an end, it’s exciting to finally be able to wear all those shoes you couldn’t when it was raining and snowing. For the past few months, you’ve probably had to pack away all those cute heels, sassy sandals, and chic sneakers in favor of more rugged footwear.

Well, The Willow Tree Boutique is here to break your cutest shoes out of hibernation and inspire you with the newest spring shoe trends. There are plenty of old favorites and classic styles making their way back onto the runways, but keep your eyes peeled for some unique new looks, too.

Are you ready to explore the spring shoe trends that are coming to your go-to boutiques? The Willow Tree has all the deets. Check out our roundup of the top 10 spring shoe styles you can expect to see hitting the streets near you!

1.Chunky Shoe Vibes

A woman wearing a nude wedge sandal

We can guarantee that the chunky shoe era of the 90s is far from over. Whether it’s a wedge, platform, or block heel, the clunky silhouette is here for this year too! You might not be a fan of chunky heels or oversized boots, but the lines of this spring shoe trend are available in every aesthetic, including sporty sneakers and bulky sandals.

Consider a funky sneaker with a big wedge sole, like those from Dolce Vita, to amp up your tennis-inspired ensemble. Or, explore square heels on booties and peep toe pumps to create a sturdy silhouette that balances out your spring and summer dresses.

2.Keep It Shiny

A woman wearing gold sandals

You might have stocked up on the fuzzy materials of last year’s spring shoe styles, but now it’s time to change the vibe. Fuzzy is out, and shiny is in! We’re seeing tons of satin and metallic materials on the runway and walking down the street in bright, bold colors that ensure every step stands out!

Elevate casual jeans and a tee with gold slides, or add a few satin pumps in pink and blue, so you have something show-stopping to wear with your favorite little black dress. Shiny shoes nearly always take center stage, so don’t over-accessorize with pieces that will battle it out for attention.

3.Little Peeps

A woman wearing nude peep-toe heels

Peep-toe shoes have been around for a long time, and they’re back this year for an irresistible spring shoe trend that’s part of the Y2K revival. From peep-toe mules to kitten heels with an open front, we keep seeing nostalgic throwbacks that take us back to our Clueless years.

Wondering how to style open-toed shoes? These are the middle ground between sandals and pumps. You can wear them with nearly anything to elevate or relax your ensemble. With jeans and a blouse, you’re adding a touch of elegance. Wearing them with an event dress? You’re bringing your look down from gala to garden party.

4.Life On An Angle

A woman wearing black slingback stilettos

The knife-edge heel was all the rage a few years ago. But now, we’re looking at an even more unusual silhouette on the back of your pumps. Nearly every big brand is showing off its take on the knife heel with unique angles and shapes. For this spring shoe trend, you might see bubble platforms, strappy slingbacks, and even heels that look like everyday objects.

If you’re wondering how to style spring shoes with a show-stopping heel, we recommend keeping the rest of your outfit as sleek and minimalist as possible. Let your shoes do the walking and the talking with dresses and two-piece sets that keep it simple.

5.Buckle Down

A woman wearing buckle flat sandals

Mary Janes may have started you on the buckle trend, but they’re not the only shoe taking on icon status with a few extra clasps this season. Check out how this spring shoe trend has expanded into triple buckles on sandals and accent buckles on mules and loafers.

We like to wear buckled heels when heading out to events where there’s a lot of dancing in store. They keep your feet secure so you can tear up the dance floor. So throw these shoes on with any cocktail dress or party romper before heading out.

And when it comes to your professional attire, a buckle on a loafer can really elevate a power suit and keep your boss energy going strong!

6.Keep It Bad

A woman wearing high-top sneakers

Whether it’s punk or S&M, edgy details have been all over the spring shoe styles. You can expect to see chains, studs, leather, and buckle details nearly everywhere. And most importantly, everything is back in black for this spring shoe trend.

Make this spring shoe style shine when you blend contrasting aesthetics into one outfit. How about a patent platform shoe with straps worn with a tiny mini skirt? Or, maybe you’re feeling some chain-laced boots with a flowy dress? Throw some rebellion into any outfit when you keep your footwear bad to the bone.

7.Modern Ballerina

Green leather ballerina flats

The ballerina flat never really left once it hit the shoe scene, but it is evolving with the times for more unusual takes on a delicate look. As a result, you can expect to see this spring shoe trend come back in its classic iteration, as well as breaking out to include the same silhouette in more unusual materials, like canvas, leather, and velvet.

You might even see hints of the ballet flat incorporated into sneakers and platform pumps with the iconic criss-cross strap and bow over the toes. Lean into the look when you wear ballerina flats with skater dresses to evoke the tutu that’s essential in every ballet performance!

8.Comfort Over All

A woman wearing beige sneakers

Back in the day, comfortable shoes looked like the orthopedic style of your nightmares. But today, top designers are prioritizing comfort and incorporating it into stylish spring shoe trends. You might not see that cushy sole or contoured arch support, but it’s there underneath all the graphic overlays, sparkles, and metal buckles.

Even those designers who made it part of their brand recognition to ensure comfort comes first, like Crocs, are transforming their bulky, sometimes ugly, silhouettes into sleeker, fashionable designs.

You can find this spring shoe style in every category and silhouette. So if you have plans to be on your feet all day, at work, or hanging with friends, reach for that extra support, secure in the knowledge that you’ll be both comfortable and stylish!

9.Caged Feet

A woman wearing woven sandals

While the woven or caged spring shoe trend isn’t exactly new, many designers are playing with shapes and materials to evolve this look. You can expect to see sleek weaves in fisherman sandals, as well as modern takes on jelly sandals.

If you prefer the more professional look of woven shoes in a tapered shape, you should definitely pair these with a lightweight linen suit. Are you all about the playful fun of colorful jelly-inspired sandals? Keep your look casual with denim shorts and a cropped top!

10.Strappy Sandals

Black strappy heels

Like many spring shoe trends, strappy sandals never really left the runway. But designers this year are looking for new ways to create a classic look. You might see ultra-skinny straps on flats, gladiators with all the extra buckles, and artsy geometric designs that run between your toes.

Sandals have always been the perfect choice for cruises, beaches, and resort towns. So whatever you’re packing up for your vacation, make sure to throw a pair of strappy sandals into your suitcase. These shoes pair well with everything and look great walking along a shop-lined street or heading to a nice dinner!

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