Budha Girl Bracelets Set of Three/Silver - The Willow Tree Boutique
Budha Girl Bracelets Set of Three/Silver - The Willow Tree Boutique

Budha Girl Bracelet - Silver

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You need a silver bracelet set of your very own. Silver is a stand-out classic, the perfect choice for any girl looking for a simple but stunning accessory. All aboard for Silver Town! Take a moment to explore the boutique stackable bracelets in our BudhaGirl line today. Once you wear a BudhaGirl bracelet, you'll never want to wear another bangle.











Sleek and Stylish Silver

Fashion is fickle, and it’s easy for us to forget about timeless pieces when we’re searching for the latest trend. Silver doesn't get nearly enough love, but that's why we want to introduce you to the silver bracelet set from Budha Girl. Like the brand's gold-toned bracelets, their silver set will help you cement your intentions for the day.

Get up, stack your bracelets, and think about all the things you want to accomplish throughout the day. Take it a step further and focus on personal goals, as well. You have the chance to center yourself and initiate some self-love as you accessorize.

Our boutique stackable bracelets also stand apart from other bangle sets because of their construction. Each bracelet is made of carbonate polyvinyl for waterproof flexibility. They're not made of metal, so you don’t even have to worry about those metal detectors at the airport.

Grab a silver bracelet set from the selection at The Willow Tree.


Set of 3 Bracelets.

The inner circumference of each bangle is:
Small – 7 inches / 17.78 cms
Medium – 7.5 inches / 19.05 cms
Large – 8 inches / 20.32 cms