Kid's Essential Roller
Kid's Essential Roller
Kid's Essential Roller
Kid's Essential Roller

Kid's Essential Roller

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Chill Out 

  • Helps calm your little one's nerves, helps relax and improves focus, helps with ADD/ADHD issues.  
  • Ingredients:  Grapeseed Oil, Frankincense, Lavender, Cedarwood, Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Lemon, Vetiver   
  • How to Use:  Apply to a pulse point up to 3 times a day or as needed

Owwie Oil 

  •  Relieves your little one's pain associated with muscle, nerve, joint, cramps, headaches, bruises, bites, burns and more. 
  •  Ingredients:  Grapeseed Oil, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Copaiba, Cypress, Frankincense  
  • How to Use: Apply small amount directly to pained area. For headaches or migraines apply to the temples and/or base of the neck

Sleepy Time 

  • Relaxes and calms your little one and promotes a restful sleep.  
  • Ingredients:  Grapeseed Oil, Frankincense, Lavender, Cedarwood        
  • How to Use:  Apply to a pulse point when ready for sleep

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